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How does the dispatch occur?

We deliver about couriers and package services according to in which European country to the most favorable rate.


Are the packages also fetched with me home?

A collection with you home is possible in the whole European space.
The costs for this are 6 - 9 euros according to Country or Land.


When is my package fetched?

They must fill first a package order (see under Parcel Label).
Then to us this send by mail or fax.
You transfer the amount plus of the Fee then to the given account.
About the monetary entrance you receive a mail with the Date which is during the next 1-2 days.


How long does the dispatch last?

From the Date with you the stack piece within 3 - to 8 days with the receiver becomes blocked.


How big and hard the stack piece may be?

Max. measures are:
Belt measure 3.0 m, i.e. 2x width + 2x height + 1x length
(always the longest side) = max. 3.0 m.
The max. weight amounts to 50.0 kg.


Can I also send a package / suitcase to myself?

It is also possible, e.g., from Germany to Spain or from Austria to Germany. Dispatch can occur in every country from every country of the European Union.


Is my stack piece insured?

Every stack piece is insured to 500 Euro.
To an expert packaging, special with breakable things is to be respected.
Otherwise are valid the AGB's.